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Simple, ergonomic and fast time management

Gesper Timesheet's ease of use and fast data entry make it the ideal tool for managing the time and attendance of your employees.

  • Easy entry of working time with several analytical levels that can be configured by the user
  • Includes the display of absences as well as the generation of salary variables
  • Analyses your costing and margin by costing level

An overview of all your projects

Gesper Timesheet gives managers the ability to quickly review all projects to which employees have contributed.

Master data

Gesper's centralized database allows direct access to employee data. Gesper Timesheet can also be used on its own without the other modules of the Gesper range.

Working hours

Each employee can enter his or her working hours according to the different analytical axes defined (e.g. customers, projects, tasks).


Thanks to the integrated dashboards, managers can follow the situation of the different employee time sheets as well as the monthly and annual totals of the hours entered.

Validation flow

Gesper Timesheet contains a validation flow system allowing managers to approve or reject a timesheet. The various parties involved are notified by email.

Frequently asked questions.

What is the purpose of using a Timesheet ?

Gesper Timesheet allows a breakdown of the hours actually worked on analytical axes. This declarative recording allows you to know the time worked according to the proposed axes, for example Client - Project - Task.

How are absences and days not worked managed ?

With the Gesper Personnel link, timesheets are automatically populated with absences, holidays and leave that are managed in the Time Management module. This link also allows the calculation of the expected number of hours, depending on the employee's occupation rate (part-time). Weekends and public holidays are clearly displayed and can be used if necessary.

Is there a check and validation ?

Timesheets can be completed on a weekly or monthly basis. A validation flow can be set up.

By using Gesper Timesheet, am I compliant with the RGPD regulation ?

All precautions are taken by Microtis to ensure strict compliance with the prerogatives of the RGPD. A module in the Gesper range is in fact provided for this purpose.

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