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Compliant and centralized data management

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Data protection: simple, secure and compliant

Whatever your company's sector of activity, Microtis can help you to ensure that the personal data of your customers and employees is compliant.

  • A single, centralised tool to manage GDPR issues within all Gesper modules
  • Automatic and configurable transactions on personal data
  • Manage the lifecycle of employee data and documents in a simple and efficient way

Intuitive and comprehensive software for DPOs

Gesper GDPR includes automatic procedures that save managers a lot of time. It offers an easy administration of the problems encountered in the management of personal data.


Globally check user consents and examine possible reasons for refusal.

Deletion and/or anonymisation of data

Use automatic processes for deleting and/or anonymising personal data based on a setting that can be adapted by the user to their company.

Data export

Export all personal Gesper employee data to Excel in a single transaction.

Data leakage

Be automatically notified by email of potential data leaks and detect the types of data affected.

Frequently asked questions.

Is it mandatory to have the GDPR module to be compliant ?

No. The Gesper modules are GDPR ready, which means that there is data and document encryption, change logging and data leakage control. The GDPR module allows you to automate permitted actions such as making personal data available on request of the employee, the right to be forgotten and the retention period of data and documents.

Who is the GDPR module intended for ?

Anyone in charge of managing employees' personal data and documents: HR Department, DPO, etc.

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