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With our HR recruitment software, industry professionals can focus on what they do best: finding the right talent.

  • Post your job offer on your website and optimise your selection of candidates
  • Integrate your recruitment into your company's HR workflow
  • Share recruitment information with your employees
  • Lighten your talent search !

Efficiently recruit your future talent

Follow easily and step by step the hiring of your future employees thanks to the automation of the processes. This saves precious time and gives you a synthetic view of the assets of each candidate.

Basic data

Management of applications, recruiters, companies, positions to be filled and nomenclature (diplomas, skills, training, professional experience, etc.).

Creation of the position to be filled

Definition of criteria, weighting of each criterion, management of documents related to the position to be filled (advertisement, job offer, job description, etc.).

Online application

Publication of vacancies online with the possibility for the candidate to apply 24/7.


Numerous configurable graphical reports.

Frequently asked questions.

How can a candidate apply online ?

Gesper Recrutement includes an online form that allows candidates to enter their personal data, diplomas and professional experience. They can attach their CV and cover letter and send their application in complete security and confidentiality.

How can I optimise the time spent on communicating with candidates ?

Candidate management is facilitated by the automation of certain administrative tasks: automatic sending of acknowledgement of receipt of the application, rejection emails, organisation and invitation to an interview. Every interaction with the candidate can be traced and recorded in their profile.

What are the possibilities for exchanging information about candidates within the company ?

The MyGesper HR portal allows authorised persons to have access to applications without going through the internal email system...

What is the link with personnel management ?

Gesper Recrutement offers the possibility of automatically transferring the profile of the successful candidate to the employee management of Gesper Personnel. All information and documents will be saved in the document structure of the new employee.

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