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Rise Up is the platform dedicated to Blended Learning

Rise Up simplifies training by enabling the creation and management of e-learning, classroom and blended learning courses from the same interface. But above all, Rise Up is an enhanced learning experience, combining the best of human and digital learning.

Offered as a complete solution, Gesper Formation and Rise Up allow you to benefit from the best of Blended Learning combined with the Luxembourg legal aspect of applying for co-financing.

  • Check the conformity of your training courses and the validity of your certifications in real time
  • Reinforce motivation, monitor progress and assign goals
  • Focus on skills development and content creation
  • Generate the report for the INFPC co-financing in one click

Bring all stakeholders together around the same mission and goal

Rise Up's Learning and Competency Management solution (LMS/LXP) in integration with Gesper Formation has been designed to increase the effectiveness of your training programs and reduce Time-to-Skill. Save time in skills development !

Strong integration with Gesper Formation

Rise Up integrates e-learning, classroom training and blended learning on the basis of data from Gesper employees.

Detailed reporting

Monitor learners' progress in real time and the achievement of targeted objectives and skills.

Next generation LXP

Offer a personalized training experience that is optimal for the profile, level and learning context of each learner.

Assisted management

Organise and manage your training courses effortlessly: invitations, reminders, automatic generation of certificates and customisation of legal documents via Gesper Formation, etc...

Microtis, official distributor of Rise Up in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

With its long experience in the Luxembourg market in terms of deploying human resources management software, it was natural for Microtis to become, in 2022, the official partner of Rise Up for the distribution and implementation of its LMS solution in Luxembourg.

A considerable effort of functional and technological integration has been made by both companies in order to provide the Luxembourg market with a joint and integrated tool combining the best of training management at the legal, administrative, User Experience and Blended Learning levels.

Find out how Rise Up can help you develop the skills of your employees by visiting the website of our partner Rise Up