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Evaluate the performance of your employees with ease

With the Gesper evaluation management software, you can analyse the skills of your employees on a company-wide scale by means of a high-performance tool based on the automation of flows between the various participants.

  • Fully configurable flows and forms
  • Online entry of self-assessments
  • 100% Web-based

Guide your employees towards success !

Performance management is an essential pillar of human resources management. Today, the value of an organisation is largely based on the professional skills, experience and performance of its employees.

For HR managers

Definition of assessment seasons, criteria and levels. Definition of appraiser(s) - appraisee(s) pairs. Definition of validation flows specific to the organisation.

For managers

Consult the appraisals of their teams. Filling in appraisal forms.

For users

Entering their self-assessment online. Evaluate other employees if authorised. Request an interview with HR.

For advanced users

They will be able to define validation flows specific to their environment.

Frequently asked questions.

What type of evaluation is possible ?

Gesper Evaluation is based on workflow management. Every element of the evaluation process can be prepared in advance and automated. The HR role is therefore focused on steering, the smooth running of the season and the exploitation of the data. Self-assessment, face-to-face assessment, automated emailing, validation and supervisor flows are possible.

Specific objectives and evaluation of skills ?

Gesper Evaluation allows you to manage personalised specific objectives. It also allows you to create a form containing these specific objectives and integrating the common evaluation criteria.

How are evaluations managed ?

Evaluations of skills criteria are managed through a fully customisable form: headings, criteria, scales and levels, comments, etc. The season's progress is based on the configuration of a workflow in which the final grade is calculated and the electronic signature of the evaluators and evaluators is allowed.

Dashboards and steering ?

The employee's profile gives access to a dashboard: appraisee, appraiser, HR. Each stage of the evaluation process is traced and allows the progress of the evaluation season to be viewed in real time. All appraisals are logged and accessible by authorised persons. Graphs are used to feed analyses based on data extractions in Excel.

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