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Get a clear view of your employees' attendance management

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Supervise the attendance in your organisation

Although not a full-fledged time management tool, Gesper Time Management allows you to manage the clocking in and out of employees in a very simple and user-friendly way.

  • Complies with the law of 14 March 2017 concerning the employee working time register
  • Contains a virtual time clock within MyGesper
  • Automatic calculation of hours worked.

A simple and accessible attendance management tool

Your employees will be able to register their working time (in or out) with a simple click.

Complies with the law of 14 March 2017

Specifies that The employer is obliged to record in a special register or file the start, end and duration of daily work as well as all extensions to normal working hours, hours worked on Sundays, legal holidays or at night.


Tracking of hours against planned hours.

Virtual time clock in MyGesper

Use the virtual time clock in MyGesper to save time.


Extract information to Excel, by person and by period.

Frequently asked questions.

Is Gesper Time Management a time registration system ?

Gesper Time Management makes it very easy to record arrival times, breaks and departure times using a virtual time clock. It fulfils the obligation of every company to keep an up-to-date attendance register of its employees.

How are absences and days not worked managed ?

Gesper Time Management is fed with absences, public holidays and leave which are managed in the Gesper Personnel time management module. This link also allows the calculation of the expected number of hours, depending on the employee's occupation rate (part-time). Weekends and public holidays are clearly displayed and can be evaluated if necessary.

Is there a check and validation ?

Attendance records can be managed on a weekly or monthly basis. A validation flow can be set up. Data extractions on Excel can be used to manage reporting needs.

Is Gesper Time Management integrated into the Gesper software range?

Yes, completely! Absences and public holidays, if managed in Gesper Personnel, are automatically included in this module.

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