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Optimal software for continuous training management

Gesper Formation supports you in all your training management processes, from planning to generating the legal documents for state co-financing to managing and controlling all types of related costs.

  • Automatically generate the application for state co-financing
  • Build your HR training plans
  • Involve your employees in the training process

Simple and effective global support

Gesper Formation integrates a range of tools that are essential for optimal management of training in organisations

Basic data

Management of the identity of employees, employers, training categories, equipment, rooms, suppliers or organisations and creation of training cost types.

Continuing professional development

Management by module or project, management of actual participants, cycles, evaluation process, budget entry and monitoring."

Legal framework

100% compliant with legislation, Gesper Formation automatically generates legal training documents and checks the eligibility of files.


Gesper Formation allows the generation of numerous configurable reports.

Frequently asked questions.

Does Gesper Formation manage the request for co-financing from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg ?

Gesper Formation manages all the elements required for the co-financing request: employee status, legal categories, training organisations, expenses. Gesper Formation automatically calculates the costs eligible for co-financing. The application is automatically completed, edited and ready to be processed by the INFPC. Legal changes are systematically updated.

Is it possible to manage training courses in LMS ?

Microtis is associated with Rise up, a Learning & Management System platform that enables the range of training courses managed in Gesper Formation to be enriched (classroom, e-learning and virtual classrooms). Rise up is an option of Gesper Formation. A variety of customised content can be created.

Is it possible to create and manage a training plan and budget ?

Gesper Formation allows you to prepare training projects in advance and to create an annual training plan. Budgeted costs make it possible to calculate an annual budget and to regularly monitor progress against the budget.

What automation is available to save time ?

Gesper Formation allows, among other things, to send an employee a confirmation of registration for a training course, to automatically print the attendance list and to send ic invitations in the employees' outlook calendars. Gesper Formation fully and automatically manages the calculation and editing of the co-financing request.

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