Frequently asked questions

Why an HRIS ??

An HRIS, or Human Resources Information System, is an information system that brings together all the tools needed to manage, automate and optimise HR processes within a company. It covers the majority of the needs in terms of operational management of human resources managers. Thanks to the implementation of an HRIS, and more specifically an HR portal such as MyGesper, each employee can transmit his or her requests (leave, training, certificates, etc.), but also monitor his or her requests and personal data. The HRIS will also enable HR processes to be optimised and better managed.

Where do I start with Gesper HRIS solutions ?

Our Gesper HRIS is developed and integrated exclusively by our teams for the Luxembourg market. To opt for our solution, we invite you to contact us. We will then be able to present our HRIS to you in detail. After a first demonstration of the solution and an analysis of your needs, we will make you a commercial proposal. Please note that our software is modular and that there is no order to respect when implementing and using the solution.

What is the price of the Gesper HRIS ?

The Gesper HRIS is a set of software bricks allowing the automation of HR processes. The cost of an HRIS solution depends on many factors. Firstly, it depends on the acquisition module(s) chosen and the number of employees using or managed in the module(s). The HRIS may be offered in licence mode (the company acquires a perpetual right to use the HR application) or in SaaS or Cloud mode (a service is made available with a subscription). To this must be added the implementation costs. Per module, we count between 1 and 5 days depending on the complexity.

Do we receive support during the launch and the start-up of the tool ?

You are accompanied throughout the implementation of the module(s) and the use of our software. Once the acquisition method has been chosen, our consultants will assist you with the implementation and train you in the configuration of the solution. Our Gesper HRIS does not require any specific development skills. Once the implementation is complete, our service and support centre will answer your questions and ensure quality customer service.

Is Gesper software industry-specific ?

Our Gesper HRIS is not industry specific and can be used by all types of companies and organisations in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Does Microtis take care of any legal adaptations affecting the software ?

Each Gesper module is covered by a compulsory maintenance contract which provides for the implementation, within the HRIS, of the legal changes decided by the Luxembourg Government and the Luxembourg Administrations.

What is the advantage of installing the Gesper HRIS in the cloud ?

The use of Gesper in Cloud mode allows you not to worry about server infrastructure problems, the installation of new versions, backup and back-up, possible Windows or other licences, the installation of anti-virus software, etc. All these elements are included in the price of the subscription and are set up by Microtis. In addition, HR users and employees will benefit from 24/7 access from anywhere in the world.