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Overall support that
is simple and effective

Gesper Training helps you with all your training administrative processes, from planning to issuing legal documents for government funding, through to the management and control of all types of related costs.

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A rigid framework adapted to legislative processes

Documents and reports generated by Gesper Training meet the requirements of INFPC in terms of state funding.

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  • Core data

    Management of data sheets for employees, employers, training categories, equipment, rooms, suppliers and design organizations for types of training costs.

  • Professional continuing education

    Management is by module or project, management of actual participants, cycles, evaluation processes, input and budget monitoring.

  • Legal framework

    In full compliance with legislation, Gesper Training automatically generates the legally required training documents and verifies eligibility of cases.

  • Reporting

    Gesper Training can produce a large number of configurable reports

These people have put their trust in us

Every day thousands in Luxembourg count on Gesper!

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    Microtis Gesper allows us to answer the aspiration of our candidates and employees in the most effective way. Mireille Meyers
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    Working with Microtis
    is a team effort.
    Yvan de Paoli
    Sales Lentz

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Gesper Training

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