Gesper Salaries

Gesper Salaries

A benchmark solution for the Grand Duchy

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  • Fully complies with Luxembourg legislation
  • Used by pay professionals for over 25 years
  • Integrated steering or the SOFIE tool, SECULINE transactions and automatic transfers to the principal accounting software
  • Also available
    in a Cloud version

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At ease in all situations

Gesper Salaries is appropriate to large corporations, trust companies and state-owned companies and can deal with all situations encountered in the area of compensation calculations.

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A complete solution

Gesper Salaries produces all legal documents sent to third parties and employees and also includes all Seculine transactions.

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  • Administration of salaries

    Monthly or hourly salaries, in points or in euros, unlimited number of employers, analytical management with three hierarchical levels.

  • Administration of salaries

    Manage any compensation item, to include in-kind benefits, bonuses, overtime, leave, gratuities, etc. through personalized formulas.

  • Calculation procedures

    Calculation of non-periodical compensation, generation of advances, management of work disability and related documents.

    Retroactive calculation over multiple years.

    Automatic settlement of social security issues.

  • Lists and documents for third parties

    Breakdown of wages (electronic or other), MULTILINE or SEPA transfers, SECULINE transactions, to include DECSAL, DECMAL, etc.

    Printing of all documents via Microsoft Word.


Configurable accounting interface with accounting software available on the market. Integration with time management software.

These people have put their trust in us

Every day thousands in Luxembourg count on Gesper!

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    Working with Microtis
    is a team effort.
    Yvan de Paoli
    Sales Lentz
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    Microtis Gesper allows us to answer the aspiration of our candidates and employees in the most effective way. Mireille Meyers

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Gesper Salaries

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