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Des avantages et des gains garantis !

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  • Automatic update of software
  • No cost for installation and IT maintenance
  • Save data and automatic backup
  • Access to soft everywhere in the world

Gain in flexibility

Get the best results more rapidly by using our GESPER cloud solution! The applications and data are no longer hosted and maintained in your company,now they'll be in a data center here in Luxembourg. Working in Cloud mode is done exclusively on the net through a secure connection.

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Microtis eases your burden by performing the roll out phase, updates, maintenance, upgrade versions and saving of data.

As a result, the HR function is freed of technical constraints and guardianship of IT processes, leaving it free to focus on core issues. These include streamlined Human Resources operations featuring training, recruitment and skills development.
Security of personal data of employees is at the heart of our concerns. We have selected our data center for his high security criteria, flexible outlook, reactivity and availability.

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Flexibility, pay per use pricing and rapidity

Gesper in Cloud is a way for you to rapidly implement digital services that you need now. Microtis offers an access in the Cloud to all modules in the Gesper range of services.

  • Subscription

    Microtis offers a variable monthly subscription tailor made to the requirements of your company.

    You can add additional Gesper modules easily!

  • Secure access

    Regarding communications, you get a secure https access through an authorization certificate issued by a reliable and reputable authority.

  • Hosting in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

    You have the benefit of local data hosting in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in a Tier IV data center that boasts the most recent technologies.

  • No initial expenditure

    With Cloud software, there is no purchase of new equipment or licenses for your Business HR applications.

    You shift capital expenditures to operations costs.

These people have put their trust in us

Every day thousands in Luxembourg count on Gesper!

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    Microtis Gesper allows us to answer the aspiration of our candidates and employees in the most effective way. Mireille Meyers
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    Working with Microtis
    is a team effort.
    Yvan de Paoli
    Sales Lentz

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Gesper in the Cloud

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