Gesper Evaluation

Gesper Evaluation

Decentralized solutions that manage performance

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100% n Web navigator

With Gesper Evaluation you can manage the evaluations process using a web navigator on your company's intranet.

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For both employees and evaluators

Carry out self evaluations from your workstation. You can view and fill out the evaluation or simply generate relevant statistics in order to interpret results.

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  • For the HR department

    Determine all relevant settings for autonomous functioning of the software.

  • For supervisors

    Consult evaluations that you can access and their related statistics.

  • Employees

    Manage your connection, enter your self evaluation online, evaluate other employees on line or request an interview with your HR managers.

These people have put their trust in us

Every day thousands in Luxembourg count on Gesper!

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    Microtis Gesper allows us to answer the aspiration of our candidates and employees in the most effective way. Mireille Meyers
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    Working with Microtis
    is a team effort.
    Yvan de Paoli
    Sales Lentz

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Gesper Evaluation

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