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About Microtis

Microtis was established in 1997 by three former partners of the Ernst&Young IT department.

  • + de 50 000 employees managed by Gesper
  • + de 450 000 pay slips published annually
  • + de 150 000 leave requests validated annually
  • + de 35 000 training managed by Gesper

Experience & skill set

Microtis currently comprises ten employees, primarily engineers by training, who make attentiveness and service a priority.

We approach the solution appropriate to your with an open mind, adapting the recommendations we propose to the issues you are facing.

With our twenty years of experience, our full range of Gesper HR solutions is now stable and established, while retaining flexibility and scalability.

We are the only ones in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg that have a like and single relational database for managing all of our software and through our structure we can totally control our solutions, all of which are developed and maintained internally by our employees.

Signature - Pascal ROBERT
Administrateur délégué


As leader in HR solutions in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, our objective is to obtain the loyalty of our customers, small, medium and large companies, focusing on the specific features of each of them.

We provide a specialized, custom solution to each situation through an active approach and constant dialogue with our partners.


Our operations are based in Steinfort, in an extensive work area, where we work with our customers collaboratively, providing high quality, personalized service with an attentive attitude.

We offer demonstrations and training on our premises to familiarize our customers with our various Gesper software packages.


We offer training programs for all of our software. These sessions are most frequently dedicated to a single customer in small groups of at most six persons. Each trainee will have a PC and course materials. It is also possible to provide these training courses directly through a customer database.

Technical and functional assistance, coaching

Through our experience in multiple sectors we can offer of on-site assistance and coaching in order to support you during the implementation phases of our software in your company.

Free updates

All software furnished by Microtis is accompanied by a maintenance and support contract that provides the various updates of software following adaptations for legal and operational purposes, fixes of residual bugs and functional and technical supplements.

Support contract

Our support contract provides the following benefits:

  • hot-line available during office hours
  • access to the secure area of the Microtis site for downloading new versions and/or sending data to Microtis
  • free review of data at Microtis (this option is subject to prior agreement)
  • remote access from customer workstations (this option is subject to prior agreement)

Our staff

  • Photo - Pascal Robert

    Pascal Robert

    CEO - Partner

  • Photo - Frédéric Robert

    Frédéric Robert


  • Photo - Axel Guerin

    Axel Guerin


  • Photo - Mélina Jadoul

    Mélina Jadoul


  • Photo - Amélie Lambinet

    Amélie Lambinet

    HR Consultant

  • Photo - Marianne Mancini

    Marianne Mancini

    HR Consultant

  • Photo - Christel Marguillard

    Christel Marguillard

    HR Management Consultant

  • Photo - Michael Mohm

    Michael Mohm

    Business Development Manager

  • Photo - Adriano Parucce

    Adriano Parucce

    Software Engineer

  • Photo - Magali Ringlet

    Magali Ringlet

    Administrative Assistant

  • Photo - Emmanuelle Rohr

    Emmanuelle Rohr

    Administrative Officer

  • Photo - Evelyne Sancho Soldevilla

    Evelyne Sancho Soldevilla

    HR Consultant

  • Photo - David Stevens

    David Stevens

    Analyst Programer & HR consultant

  • Photo - Andréa Wauthia

    Andréa Wauthia

    Software Architect

These people have put their trust in us

Every day thousands in Luxembourg count on Gesper!

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  • Image - Mireille Meyers
    Microtis Gesper allows us to answer the aspiration of our candidates and employees in the most effective way. Mireille Meyers
  • Image - Yvan de Paoli
    Working with Microtis
    is a team effort.
    Yvan de Paoli
    Sales Lentz

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